The Sustainability Shift: A Guide to Sustainable Fashion | Goondiwindi Argus

How to embark on an eco-fashion journey.

Our fashion preferences run deep, with style, fit and personality linked to what we wear. In recent years, sustainability and environmental impacts have significantly influenced our fashion choices.

Looking good is only part of the story, as we also want to champion eco-friendly brands and practices. If you’re new to your eco-fashion journey or just want to get started, here’s a comprehensive guide to get you started.

Start with the basics

Sustainable fashion isn’t just about those big statement pieces, it’s also about the basics we wear every day.

Your underwear, underwear, socks and everyday pieces should also be made ethically and follow an environmental design.

Buying bamboo underwear for women will bring you great designs that are soft and durable. You can also find wool or organic cotton socks that last longer than fast fashion alternatives.

When you master the basics and identify the best brands, you’re on the right track.

Opportunity is not a second best

Used shopping may have been a novelty in years past, but it’s the norm for the environmentally savvy shopper.

The second shopping gives you access to fantastic quality clothes that are either modern or an artifact of a bygone era, and the price is always very attractive.

By buying second-hand, you are not buying new clothes and you are not supporting overconsumption, but rather you are bored with clothes that still have a lot of life to give.

You’re more likely to find that one-in-a-million piece of clothing in a thrift store than in a boutique.

Support eco-responsible brands

If you don’t have time to go through every garment and every fashion brand, it might make more sense to find the eco-friendly brands and buy within those brands.

Supporting green businesses is the best way to make this movement the norm, and it shows that consumers are ready to be ambassadors for ethical and eco-responsible labels.

It’s worth noting that many brands can tout “eco-friendly” messaging, so it’s best to do a little research upfront to see if those claims are indeed legit.

Not good at following brands?

You might find it helpful to follow influencers or people who are very active in sustainable fashion to see what they’re wearing and how they’re making those fashions work.

Repair and reuse

It’s a heartbreaking moment when your favorite jacket or jeans explode. Many of us are quick to throw them away, but what if they only need a little maintenance and repair to return to their former glory?

Getting into the habit of mending your clothes is a great skill to have and one that will allow you to enjoy your clothes for a lifetime. You may also like to upcycle your clothes, which means you don’t just fix them, but add details and embellishments that make them look like new.

There are plenty of tutorials and guides to creatively embroider, screen print, bead and accessorize your clothes.

The gift of eco-responsible fashion

Now that you’re an environmental fashion follower, you can start paying it forward.

If you have friends and family that you typically buy birthday and Christmas gifts for, choose eco-friendly options so they can fall in love with sustainability too.

This is especially important if your gift recipient has never thought of shopping this way before and could benefit from a great gift that doesn’t harm the environment.

Don’t know where to look? There are often great gift stores that offer growing eco-friendly products, so start there and see what you can find.

You can also ask your recipient what they want for their birthday or Christmas and look for a green alternative to that item.

For example, they may want a hat and underwear, so you can buy bamboo underwear and a recycled plastic bucket hat.

It’s going to be a lot more compelling when you give someone something they need that’s beautifully eco-friendly.

Are you ready to improve your sustainable fashion and challenge yourself to be more intentional with your purchases?

You can start anytime and explore all of these materials and brands until you find the fashion that best represents your unique personality.


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