Ukrainian fashion designers unveil their new collections in Budapest


Budapest will get a first glimpse of new collections from Ukrainian fashion designers when they unveil their creations at the upcoming Budapest Central European Fashion Week (BCEFW).

The partnership between BCEFW organizers and Ukrainian Fashion Week will give Ukrainian brands that have been showcasing their collections in Kyiv for 25 years now the chance to showcase their work in the Hungarian capital, the Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency (MDDU) said in a statement.

“We consider humanitarian aid to be extremely important, so there was no doubt that we wanted to take the opportunity of the 10th BCEFW to support Ukrainian designers in their international expansion,” the statement quoted the Deputy Director General of MDDU as saying. , Anita Forintos-Szucs. The event will also allow designers to engage with an international audience and discover new opportunities for cooperation, she added.

Ukrainian Fashion Week founder Iryna Danylevska said the event will also launch the Support Ukrainian Fashion initiative to empower Ukrainian designers while showcasing their collections abroad.

BCEFW will run from August 29 to September 4.

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Source: MTI


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