University students become self-proclaimed fashion designers


A new movement emerged in Chapasthan as university students claimed to be “fashion designers” who could dictate which student should wear what. These self-proclaimed fashion designers seemed more concerned with the attire of female students than that of male students.

Some experts said the movement had its roots in some esteemed judges saying women in the country should dress according to their culture, or face assault. Other experts disagreed and said aspiring fashion designers don’t need encouragement because it’s been their long-held dream to tell women what to wear.

A majority of experts, however, said women should dress as society tells them to.

Back to “fashion designers”, when asked how they decide which person, specifically a woman, should wear which dress when they have never studied fashion design, one of the sign owners replied “Look, you don’t have to be the President of America to criticize Donald Trump. You don’t have to be a drummer to criticize Mushfiqur Rahim. You don’t have to be an architect to build a building You don’t have to be a doctor to operate on someone.

“I study geometry. So I know a lot about the standard length and width of everything, and dress is just part of my ocean of knowledge. Just be grateful that a wise person, like me, has given an absolutely free opinion.”

Another placard owner, wearing a form-fitting, see-through sleeveless t-shirt, said: “I study geometry. So I’m pretty familiar with the standard length and width of everything, and attire isn’t only part of my ocean of knowledge. Just be grateful that a wise person like me gave an absolutely free opinion that could cost you thousands of dollars if you went to a foreign fashion designer.”

The “fashion designers” have not only given opinions on women’s dresses, they also think about the culture and cultural aggression that has been visiting Bangladesh from Western nations for ages.

The students assured this Satireday correspondent that they were not neglecting their studies to become self-proclaimed fashionistas, and only took on the role of cultural protectors after obtaining GPA-4.

Satireday met such a patriot and cultural expert and asked him how cultural terrorists are rampant in the country. “You just can’t bring culture from western countries here and ruin your Bengali culture,” he said, dressed in jeans, a t-shirt and a baseball cap.

When asked if importers of cultures from not-so-Western countries would qualify as cultural terrorists, he replied, “Their attire is too long to cause cultural terrorism. Clothing is the only criteria to decide if someone will be labeled as a cultural terrorist. clarify those difficult lessons, we fashion designers are here. No worries, man. We teach people for free.


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