USask student uses digital tools to explore 19th-century British fashion – News

Sam Huckerby is pursuing a dual degree specializing in History and Studio Art. (Photo: provided)

Huckerby, who just completed her third year at USask, is pursuing a dual major majoring in history and studio art. She chose to research 19th century English dress for her HIST 396.3: Digital History project due to her lifelong interest in fashion and after reading a blog post about Canadian clothing from the same period.

One of the things Huckerby found most interesting in his research was discovering the hats worn by British women that were adorned with stuffed birds – a fashion statement that was linked to other changes in fashion. ‘era.

“It’s interesting to see that the roots of bird preservation start in the mid-1800s,” she said.

In his introduction to Room by room, Huckerby wrote that fashion is not created in a vacuum and that clothes are more than just a visual record of what people like and when. In an interview, she pointed out that the premise of the history of material culture is that the objects humans create and interact with are products of our society.

“I really wanted to try to fit that into my project,” she said. “Just because it’s a garment doesn’t mean it’s a neutral entity. If you look at where the clothes came from and who made them, we unlock a plethora of so many connections – and I’ve only touched on a small handful of possibilities, quite honestly, in my project.


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