September 19, 2021
  • September 19, 2021

WAPDA to field new team at PPFL

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KARACHI: After winning their fourth and final title in the 2010-2011 season, WAPDA will emerge as a new-look team in the Pakistan Premier Football League (PPFL) set to debut at Multan early next month.

After reaching fame under former head coach Khalid Butt, the more resourceful department lost ground for some time. However, former Pakistani defender Tanvir Ahmad has now taken command of WAPDA head coach. A fighting defender at the time, Tanvir played under Khalid both as a WAPDA player and as a skipper and is quite inspired by his former coach’s ability to manage the team.

Tanvir wants to manage WAPDA on the same model that Khalid was managing him on. “I want to handle it like Butt sahib did before. I will have positive things about Butt’s work, ”Tanvir told“ The News ”in an interview. The WAPDA centers in Hyderabad, Multan and Faisalabad have recently sent active players into service and this may be a concern for Tanvir, but overall he is happy to have built a very good squad for the PPFL. “We have worked very hard,” said Tanvir. “It is thanks to the love of new DG Sports Musharraf Khan that we have been able to work well on the pitch and I am happy with the preparations,” said Tanvir.

“We started the preparation on June 1 and recently toured Islamabad where we played matches against different oppositions, including the army. We tested the lot which is nine to fifty percent, ”Tanvir said. “We have inducted a new forward Amir Aslam, Shahbaz from Quetta and Maaz from Chitral who all impressed me,” Tanvir said. “You will see at least three fresh looking guys who will impress in the league,” Tanvir said.

In order to give young people a chance, WAPDA has abandoned former international defender Mohammad Ahmad and Waseem, which seems like a difficult decision. “Yes, it was difficult, but you have to make such decisions if you want to build your team,” Tanvir said. “We currently have a squad of 25 in the camp and we have split this batch into two teams, senior and junior, who play matches daily,” Tanvir said.

It is still premature to determine the real strength of the teams, as football has not been fully active in recent years due to infighting among officials. But Tanvir hopes his team leave an impression in the PPFL. “We will finish inshaAllah in the top three this season,” said Tanvir.

PFF chairman Ashfaq Hussain Shah said they would unveil the league’s schedule after Eid. “We will announce the program immediately after Eid. InshaAllah, we will start the league next month, ”Ashfaq told“ The News ”.

This correspondent learned that KRL, Army, PAF and Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) have also made good preparations for the Premier League. Most departments want the league to start in Quetta or Karachi.

They say Multan will be too hot for competitions. We learned that Multan’s matches will be played in the spotlight. The reason for the departure of the league given by the organizers is that the crowds in Multan do not come to watch the games in winter. “I think summer is the best season where we can draw a crowd in Multan for night games. In winter, no one leaves their home there, ”a source told the PFF.

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