Watch Dogs Fashion Line will dress you up as a boring but stylish hacker


If you’re looking to do a quick cosplay as the least interesting character in Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs series, then fashion brand SuperGroupies has you covered. The company is releasing a watch, coat, bag and wallet inspired by the vigilante fashion of Watch Dogs’ first protagonist, Aiden Pearce, with pre-orders open from today until February 6.

The main piece of this set, a $230 coat, is inspired by the one used in-game by Aiden Pearce and styled for everyday wear. He also comes with a black mask cover that mimics Aiden’s neck warmer scarf that doubles as a hacktivist disguise. Don’t commit a crime though; this is strictly illegal stuff.

Gotta look hacktastic


Moving on to accessories, you can keep time with a $220 chronograph watch that has a black-and-white view of Chicago from ctOS on the main dial and metallic “Everything is Under CTRL” inscription. The 60-minute and 60-second chronograph counters also feature an ASCII art skull emblem inspired by the DedSec logo and the Fox symbol respectively.

Finally, the bag and wallet will be available for $150 and $110 respectively. The coat, bag and wallet are expected to ship at the end of June this year, while the watch will arrive later in August.

Watch Dogs: Legion hasn’t been in the news much since its late 2020 launch. Aside from a few updates, a crossover with Assassin’s Creed, and DLC featuring Pearce, the game’s last notable addition was Legion of the Dead. A free update available to all players, Legion of the Dead tasks teams of four players with surviving a horde of zombies that have infested the streets of London and escaping with as many supplies as possible.

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