Why crochet is fashion’s go-to summer style


Thanks to social media and the runway, crochet has made a comeback.

On Instagram, the hashtag #crochet has 41.9 million mentions. On TikTok, it has 8.1 billion views. And according to fashion insights company Launchmetrics, the “hook” recorded a media impact value of $16.6 million from Spring 2022 Fashion Month collections.

Attica, Maje, Fiorucci and Loewe are just some of the brands that presented retail for spring. In the case of Fiorucci’s “Desert Oasis” collection, artistic director Daniel Fletcher said: I wanted to take a trip back to Fiorucci’s hedonistic past with a collection inspired by its early days in the 1970s. The crochet knit styles in this collection reflect the free-spirited, go-anywhere spirit of the brand. Bold and vibrant crochet styles are all about celebrating life.

at Fiorucci the crochet pieces featured sunbursts and misty orange graphics. Recently, model Alessandra Ambrosio was spotted in the brand’s crochet hoodie at Coachella.

The motivation is different for Sandrine Ganem, founder of the Parisian knitwear company Rose Carmine who debuted in 2012. Her handmade crochet pieces are meant to be a symbol of rebellion against fast fashion. Rose Carmine knitwear ranges from $253 to $1,600.

“Faced with fast fashion and its consequences, we need slow fashion to respect the planet and people. Today, with the very anxiety-provoking situation of violence, wars and pandemics, people need to find well-being and happiness and remember their moods and memories,” Ganem said. Rose Carmine’s clothes are “an invitation to timeless fashion,” she said.

The ripple effect has allowed even smaller brands to gain popularity. Stitchd Mtl, a Canadian crochet company with just 624 followers, posted on TikTok on April 29 stating that “crocheting is cool.” The post received over 235,000 views and 25,000 likes.

The trend was also recently spotted on influencers Danielle Bernstein, founder of We Wore What, and Emma Chamberlain. Bernstein wore a cardigan from Storets, while Chamberlain was seen in styles from Lolo Crochète and Jolie By Dia Apparel. Victoria Paris also wore crochet on her Instagram feed, in multiple ways: On April 3, Paris posted a photo wearing a crochet sweater reminiscent of the “Roseanne” sofa throw. On May 8, she wore a crochet hair accessory.

Crochet styles evoke that feeling of happy escape, which resonates with people right now,” Fletcher said.


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