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Designer Michael Lombard talks about his love for leather

Published: Thu 11 August 2022, 18:09

Last update: Fri 12 Aug 2022, 10:24

Fashion designer Michael Lombard has opened his first luxury flagship store in the Middle East on Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue, amid giants like Gucci, Balenciaga, YSL and Louis Vuitton. He is now only the second black designer to have a point of sale in this prestigious place, after the late Virgil Abloh.

The venue is a fashion masterpiece and showcases everything Michael Lombard has to offer, from his incredible latest pieces on the catwalk to his famous leather jackets, coats, skirts, handbags and his unrivaled signature fragrances. . His exclusive designer brand is renowned for its high-end genuine calfskin and sheepskin leather jackets for men and women, earning him the title of “King of Leather” by the Huffington Post.

With a reputation for boldness and class, Michael Lombard began his illustrious career as a record company executive before discovering his passion for fashion. He has dressed some of the world’s most famous faces including Bebe Rexha, Paula Abdul, Prince Royce and Tiffany Young. Her exclusive designs and one-of-a-kind pieces have graced catwalks around the world, making huge waves during New York and Paris Fashion Weeks.

However, her pieces are not for the faint hearted or those looking for a subtle, understated look. Playing with bold colors, embellishments and patterns, Lombard’s striking designs are ones that will turn heads and take the wearer into a whole different league.

Lombard has already exhibited his creations in the city. It was during one of these visits that he met Dunstan Rozairo, President of DMCJ Events, with whom he struck up a quick bond and the two decided to open a physical outlet in Dubai.

The store opening was honored by the who’s who of the UAE fashion scene. From whimsical appetizers to fashionable influencers, the event was as chic as the man himself. We caught up with Lombard while he was in town for the event to chat with him about his fashion mantra, his affinity with Dubai and his outspokenness, among other things.

You have traveled the world. You visited Dubai for fashion shows. But what prompted you to settle here?

Dubai is such an energetic and inspiring city. I have visited here many times before. As I explored the city, I fell in love with the fashion scene in Dubai. When the opportunity presented itself to potentially open a store on Fashion Avenue, it became something I had to seriously consider. My partner, Dunstan Rozairo, and I discussed what the opening would mean for us, and the rest is now history. To have been able to open a store on Fashion Avenue is such a privilege and I feel very lucky to be part of Dubai’s iconic fashion scene.

What do you think of the fashion scene in Dubai?

Dubai is a city that is always setting new standards. It’s the same when it comes to fashion. I think Dubai is in a class of its own. Everyone here is so passionate about fashion. Dubai breeds creativity and everything in the city is of the highest quality. With Dubai, we don’t do things by halves. The fashion scene is one of the best in the world and rivals Paris or Milan when it comes to high-end fashion.

The list of celebrities you have dressed is long. What goes into celebrity dressing? How many hours and equipment are we talking about?

I really enjoy meeting new celebrities and getting a glimpse into their lives. Dressing up celebrities can also be a lot of fun. Many times I will meet with their stylists and discuss the vision for the outfit and what they expect. I also have a fashion PR firm, HarpersPR, that does a lot of that for me as well. Every celebrity is different, but it takes many hours and fittings to get them the right look.

You’re never one to shy away from pushing the boundaries when it comes to leather. Where does your love for fabric come from? And where does your fashion inspiration come from?

Well, I really like to push the limits. The love for leather comes from the fact that I always want to wear the coolest and trendiest outfits. Leather is such an interesting fabric to play with and design new outfits. I love how it looks and feels, and I believe it can be molded and shaped in so many interesting ways. My inspiration always comes from the things I see when I travel. I am also inspired by art. I love fashion so much that sometimes I even dream of fashion.

What is your fashion mantra?

With fashion, it’s all about thinking outside the box. You need to feel a real connection with what you are doing. If you love what you do, you won’t work a day in your life. I always have a sentence that I like to live: “Create what you love, love what you create.” I love working with leather and I love seeing people wearing and enjoying my creations.

Just like your collection, you are fearless and shameless. You talk, make your point, and stick to it. Where does this sequence come from?

Well, I’ve always been very frank. When it comes to things I see in the world, I like to speak my mind. I like to make my feelings and opinions known. I guess I got that side of me from my mother. She always instilled in me values ​​to say what I think and defend things that matter to me. If I believe in something, I cannot be silent when I feel there is injustice.

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