Wool4School is looking for our next generation of fashion designers


The huge student design competition is back for its tenth consecutive year.

Every year, The Woolmark Company hosts a nationwide search for budding Australian fashion designers with its Wool4School design competition.

Launched in 2012, the competition encourages budding designers to pursue their passion, unlock their potential and incorporate wool into their work.

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Now in its tenth year, the annual student design competition involves over 100,000 students around the world. The contest is open until August 5th and some truly amazing prizes are on offer this year. Here’s everything you need to know about the competition and the application process.

Why should I apply?

Not only is the Wool4School design competition a great excuse to get creative, but there are also priceless prizes to be won.

This year’s sponsors are Assembly Label, BERNINA and Whitehouse Institute of Design, who each donated coveted loot for the competition.

Winners in all categories will receive a $100 Assembly Label voucher and BERNINA sewing supplies.

The winner of the Senior Designer category will also receive an internship with Assembly Label, which will allow them to gain experience, knowledge and connections in the industry.

The aspiring designer winner will get themselves a 50% scholarship to the Whitehouse Institute of Design located on campuses in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane to launch their career in fashion design.

Who can enter?

There are four categories for different age groups, covering Junior Designer (grades seven and eight), Mid Designer (grades nine and ten), Senior Designer (grade 11) and Aspiring Designer (grade 12), each with their own criteria and price. . The competition is open to secondary school students across Australia.

How can I participate and what should I do?

The Wool4School website gives a detailed outline of how to apply. You will only have to register and you will be directed from there.

This year’s theme is “Design for your hero,” but don’t think that means you have to design the costume for the next Marvel character. Your hero can be anyone: a family member, a fashion icon, an artist, or anyone else who inspires you.

Of course, the design must incorporate the fabric of the same name, with at least 70% of the outfit comprising wool to be eligible.

The outfit must consist of between one and four pieces and must embody your hero in an innovative and sustainable way.

What kind of designs have won in the past?

Winner of last year’s Wool4School Sara Regan won first place for her collection Go! Go! Go which was designed for students moving around the city center.

The outfit consisted of a convertible coat, bag, pants and a knitted sweater and included pockets made from recycled plastic bottles, a card holder on a retractable cord integrated into the sleeve and a jacket that could be transformed into a vest.

Why wool?

Wool is one of the most innovative fibers available. It is naturally breathable, wrinkle-resistant, soft, stretchy and odor-resistant, and it can be manipulated into unique textures and finishes.

Australia has around 68 million sheep that naturally grow wool all year round and only need water, grass, fresh air and sunshine to do so, making it renewable, natural and sustainable. And because it’s a natural fiber, it’s fully biodegradable and breaks down in just a few months.

Merino wool is a particularly impressive fabric for its ability to adapt to your body temperature, which means it can keep you warm or cool depending on the garment and the season, and it’s easy to knit. maintenance, which helps to increase its lifespan.

Who is The Woolmark Company, exactly?

The Woolmark Company is a non-profit organization dubbed “the world authority on wool”. The organization works alongside 60,000 Australian wool producers to research, develop and certify wool.

Woolmark’s certification program enables customers to identify high-quality, durable garments, with certified garments undergoing five levels of testing to measure color fastness to liquid and light, ability to resist washing, durability and fiber content.

Certified products are also fully traceable throughout the supply chain, so you know exactly where your wool is coming from.

Enter the Wool4School competition here. The contest ends on August 5.


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